Vacuum Body

It is a cold biostimulative treatment in which an average of -6.5 cm is lost. With the treatment, we not only lose volume, but also improve skin tone and remove excess water from the body. Also recommended for women with varicose veins and capillaries. Centimeters, however, do not return.

Nice body

It is a treatment designed to tighten the skin and minimize stretch marks. It is recommended for women who have lost weight quickly and have problems with stretch marks and sagging skin. With the treatment, we raise the tone of the skin and give the skin the appearance of soft, shiny skin.



Collagen threads are a completely natural and non-invasive treatment based on increasing the amount of collagen in the tissues, which is why it is a revolution in anti-aging care. Increasing the amount of collagen slows down aging, strengthens the elasticity of the skin, visually improves the appearance of the skin, and gives the skin a natural glow.

The goal of the treatment is to stimulate the collagen found in our skin. The lifting effect is visible immediately, but for a perfect result, it is necessary to do 3-4 treatments with an interval of 14-21 days. The effect lasts between 6-9 months.

The treatment can be performed at:


- the neck

- the cleavage

- the wrist


INSTANT SHAPE is lymphatic drainage, which is based on the even pressure of the hands on different points of the body where the lymphatic system works. This massage is intended to accelerate lymph circulation and its activation. InstantShape is a volume reduction treatment that gives an immediate effect or result. By using different grips and techniques, we improve circulation and bring nutrients and oxygen to the connective tissue, thus activating the lymphatic drainage system in our body. During the treatment, we break down fat formations, which we cannot do with the help of exercise and nutrition.

After the Instant Shape treatment, exercise and a roller are recommended as an additional stimulation of the lymphatic system.