Why visit Infraslim?

Don't have time? Can't find motivation? Don't know where to start? Don't like crowds and want a more intimate training? It gets on your nerves that even in training you have to think about repetitions and further exercises. With us, everything is much easier and much more efficient.

For all men and women that:

  • don't have much time
  • lack motivation
  • don't like crowds in training
  • don't like pressure and stressful training
  • want quick results
  • want to relax during training


Can you find yourself in what is written?

In the pleasant ambience of a modern studio, you can practice without stress and without crowds. You walk or run, watch your favorite series on Netflix and in the process lose centimeters around the waist, legs, arms and shape the body with our Roller Massage device. Enjoy a massage and shape your muscles and break up cellulite. What are you waiting for? Success in exercise is also conditioned by a balanced healthy diet and consistent training (12x per month or 3x per week), correct implementation of the training and the health status of the individual. In 98% of users, progress is always visible after one month in various parts of the body.


We do not recommend exercise for:

  • people with high blood pressure that is not controlled by medication,
  • epileptic patients,
  • patients with a weakened immune system after chemotherapy,
  • people who have recently had a fracture or injury to a knee, ankle,
  • pregnant women and nursing mothers (consult a doctor before exercise),
  • people with a pacemaker (consult a doctor before exercise),
  • people with blood disorders
  • diabetics (we recommend exercise with less effort and a lower temperature heart patients)
  • people who have recently had joint surgery


Why we are special?

It makes sense to contemplate why we are unique because we aim to stand out and offer something that others may not have or cannot provide. Here are some potential highlights on why we are special:
Innovative Technology: Our approach to fitness is based on innovative technology that combines cardio exercise with infrared and vacuum technology, allowing for faster and healthier body shaping.
Efficiency in Less Time: With our devices and treatments, we enable exceptional efficiency in a very short time, ideal for individuals leading fast-paced lives with limited time.
Stress-Free: In contrast to traditional fitness approaches, our services do not induce additional stress. Instead, we emphasize enjoyment, freedom, and results without suffering.
Holistic Well-being: In addition to body shaping, we focus on the overall well-being of our members, providing therapeutic benefits through infrared technology.
Individual Empowerment: We offer an experience where each individual feels special, important, and desired. Our approach is not only physical but also emotionally positive.


What does the program encompass?

3 weekly trainings for 30 minutes.