How does Infraslim work?

Find out in the video below.

Why Infraslim?

The combination of heat and infrared therapy has
been proven to:

  • Reduces chronic pain and joint stiffness
  • Improves mood
  • It stimulates collagen production, which gives the skin structure, strenght and elasticity
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Reduces inflammation in cells
  • It improves healing and promotes tissue regeneration


With state-of-the-art technology and a unique
workout system to lose excess weight and transform the body.

  • Vaccucabin

  • Infracouch

  • Infrared Stairclimber

  • Roll Massage

The devices for cardio training in the INFRASLIM studio are part of the patented cutting-edge technology. They are the result of long-term research and analysis of the human body. The most important parts are infrared light, vacuum technology, and LED collagen lights. Led collagen lights are essential for the regeneration and slowing down of skin aging and contribute to tighter skin and the reduction of cellulite.


Burn up to -1300 calories in 30 minutes with the hottest workout in town. Relaxation, energy, and weight loss all in one place.

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What does the program encompass?

3 weekly trainings for 30 minutes.

  • ALJA

    I never went to guided exercises; I even attended the gym with
    difficulty. Infraslim opened a different perspective on exercise for me. I really like the relaxed feeling, I'm not ashamed in leggings and with visible cellulite. No one judges me like they like to do at the gym. After the first exercise, I already felt softer and more beautiful skin on my legs. I was extremely satisfied with the results after three exercises. If you pay a little attention to your diet, do the half an hour workout while watching Netflix, and you get insane

  • EVA

    I've been going to the gym regularly for quite some time now, but somehow, I don't see any bigger change. In less than a month of training in Infraslim, I have a more beautifully shaped tummy, which was really my priority. I always like to come back, because I don't waste time
    and I know that the training was intense and effective. My husband says that I have never had more beautiful skin and I am looking forward to further results.

  • NIKA

    For the first time in ages, I am happy to go to training sessions and it
    is not difficult for me. After three weeks of training, I can see a huge difference, the results are excellent. 5 kilograms less in one month, I am more than satisfied. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, in short, I am really looking forward to visiting the Infraslim studio.

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1. Can I train in the studio even if I havevaricose veins?

Of course, only the heat of the IR rays is reduced to the lowest level in this case, while the use of the roller is completely discouraged. A great alternative to the roller is the
vacuumbody, where we perform manual lymphatic drainage, which is less rough.

2. I don't have childcare; can I bring the littleone with me?

Children over 2 years old are welcome in the studio. Let's make sure that mommy trains for 30 minutes without any worries.

3. What age group visits Infraslim?

We are proud to say that we are visited by both young girls and older ladies. On average, the age of customers varies between 35-50.

4. I want to strengthen my entire body; how can Iachieve this with your training?

During the exercise, we offer you different weights and help you to perform the exercise correctly, as well as ensure the firmness of the muscles in the upper part of the body as well.

5. I've already tried all kinds of exercises andhaven’t achieved the desired goals, how do I know that it will bedifferent in Infraslim?

At Infraslim, we consider many factors that may slow down or even prevent you from losing weight. We dive deep into nutrition, hormones, menstrual cycle and all the potential factors that can affect weight loss, based on that we figure out the perfect strategy for you.

6. Is exercise in Infraslim prohibited forpregnant women?

That's right. Although the IR lights themselves are not harmful, unfortunately the heat they produce is harmful to the child's development.

7. Are the packages time limited?

The packages are monthly, but we understand that vacations, illnesses, and work come in between, so we recommend that the package be used within 5 weeks for results. The key to success is consistency, if training is not regular, we cannot guarantee optimal results. We also want to emphasize that there is no membership fee at Infraslim, and you can decide to continue training every month.

8. I can't find the desired package in your offer,is it possible to create an individual offer?

Of course, in the studio we can adjust the package to some extent to your wishes.

9. How do you maintain hygiene in the studio?

Each device is carefully disinfected after each use, as well as the neoprene suits themselves, which are necessary for exercise. We make sure that we have several pieces of the same garment in stock and thus ensure lower consumption, and at the end of the day we also wash the clothes themselves. We have hand sanitizers available in the studio and we encourage proper cough hygiene during breaks.

10. Is exercise suitable for men?

Of course. More and more men are visiting Infraslim and we are proud of it. We are visited by men with excess body weight as well as individuals who simply want to strengthen their abdominal muscles a little more, and we help them with the EMslim device.